Single Mades

e.g. for presentations, training material or special gifts

All models are selectable in our standard colour palette, the plastiscope is delivered in a gift box.

Our quote inc. front image print and gift box (plus. shipment).

within 4 weeks



inc VAT

1. Exemplar


69 EUR

1. Exemplar
Model 60s,
Alp Hut
Foto camera


85,68 EUR

Additional Exemplar
(without gift-box)


14 EUR


currently delivery not earlier than 14 days
For Christmas the deadline
for sending the templates
is Friday, 7 Dec.



inc VAT

1. Exemplar


113 EUR

1. Exemplar
Model 60s,
Alp Hut
Foto Camera


136 EUR

Additional Exemplar
(without gift box)


20 EUR

> order single made

After sendíng the completed order form You will receive a order confirmation for control by e-mail.
The order confirmation is also a preliminary invoice with the friendly request to transfer in the following days.

Your images:

Directly after sending the order form You will be given the opportunity to upload Your image files via webbrowser on our server.
If You want to upload the files later, we send You with the order confirmation a link for the upload with Your webbrowser.

Wir check and prepare Your image files and You will receive a picture index for control.

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